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Not Just Another Day in a Small Town

The sunset had turned to darkness and Joseph Schexnider’s eyes began to droop. The drifter was in the mood for a long night’s sleep if only he could settle into a comfortable position. Problem is Joseph was stuck in a … Continue reading

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Famous Authors Give Unknown Writers Black Eye

Remember James Frey and “A Million Little Pieces?” Well, here we go again. Another author has become famous, rubbed elbows with the high and mighty, and made millions by allegedly telling lies in a memoir called “Three Cups of Tea.” … Continue reading

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13 Spectacular Christmas Trees

Everyone loves Christmas trees … we drag them into our homes and decorate them,  gather ’round them with family and friends, drive miles to see gigantic ones filled with lights … these are a few we only see in photos. … Continue reading

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E-mail From The Fifties

My friend in Ohio forwarded this poem to me. It really brings back memories: those cars, coke in a bottle, the dial phone, jukeboxes—but most of all the music. Some of the songs are still played today… 1950’s e-mail: Long … Continue reading

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W.H. Collecting Data Without Our Consent

by Maxi We were promised a transparent government; a pledge to protect our privacy on the Internet. I’m skeptic by nature but kept my fingers crossed on this one. Should have known better. The White House is collecting and storing … Continue reading

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