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Men Who Evolve Into Apes

Hi, my name is Gladys and I have a big problem. I’m only seventeen days old but my mom doesn’t like me. I think she’s scared ‘cause she never had a baby before. Here’s another thing, I have a lot … Continue reading

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I Wanted to Follow You But…

I found this post on  Russel Ray Photos and asked permission to reblog. Dear New Follower: First, let me thank you for following me. I appreciate it. I decided that I could not follow you. Please, let me explain. I’m … Continue reading

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Mom Murders “Mouthy” Kids

It was Thursday, January 27, 2011 when… Julie Schenecker raised the .38-caliber pistol with heart pounding, hand shaking and fired. Twice. Her 13-year-old-son, Beau would never make it to soccer practice. She then drove home to the cul-de-sac in Tampa, … Continue reading

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Driving Exotic Highways

These streets give new meaning to the warning: Keep your eyes on the road images credit/http://www.7cc.com The road around the side of the mountain gets to me. I would be holding my breath all the way. May Your Glass Always … Continue reading

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