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Stalker In The Schoolyard

From Marilou’s journal of true stories: The blond-haired girl set off for school with the same knot in her stomach as the day before. Will he be there today Marilou wondered? Will she feel the creepy eyes follow her everywhere? … Continue reading

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The Pain of Freedom

Freedom lay in a heap of pain and agony. The eagle could not stand; both wings were broken. She was starved and saturated in lice. Should Freedom be put to sleep or was there a chance to save her? “When … Continue reading

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Auto Dealer Defrauds Grieving Widow – Part III

I have pleaded with the car lot to make this right; to give me a car worth the thousands I paid. No way. Let the collision begin… In mid-March, I sent an e-mail to Todd Ulrich at WFTV Action 9 … Continue reading

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Guideline for a Happy Marriage

The honeymoon can’t last forever. When things begin to settle the blinders come off. My partner has faults that weren’t there before. Yeah they were; I just didn’t see them. I had no idea that marriage could be so stifling; … Continue reading

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The Pursuit of Happiness Does Not Exist

“It’s up to the woman to make a man happy.” I was completely caught off guard when someone said that to me years ago. I wasn’t sure what a woman should do, yet that didn’t sound right. What about the … Continue reading

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18 Ways to Make Your Life Easier

A friend sent me these and you’re gonna love ‘em. There a few that I use, but am thrilled to learn of the ones I didn’t know about. Here’s to creative minds.       Hull strawberries easily using a … Continue reading

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Will Cindy Flip-Flop Free Casey Anthony?

News from Home: David goes to the store, does a little cooking, cut the grass for the first time in months. He is a happy camper right now. Your support and prayers help so much. ____________________________________ Cindy Anthony is desperate … Continue reading

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