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High Speed Locomotive Runs Outta Rail

Years ago I marched against a “corridor” being built in our area in Central Florida. Now here we are again, different gov but same issue. Well, kinda. A lot of us were upset when the president gave the okay on … Continue reading

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Driving Exotic Highways

These streets give new meaning to the warning: Keep your eyes on the road images credit/http://www.7cc.com The road around the side of the mountain gets to me. I would be holding my breath all the way. May Your Glass Always … Continue reading

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Taxes On Rain?

Sounds like a joke, right? It’s not. This is the Capitol where our congress people work (?), the place where the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has conjured up a proposal that will force us to pay a tax on rainwater … Continue reading

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Government Has No Money

September 23, 2008 by Maxi The Government has no money. One way or the other Local, State and Federal Government fill the Treasury with the people’s money. For example: I used to own a clothing boutique. The equipment was mine … Continue reading

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