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What The Heck Is Goin’ On At Maxi Malone’s House?

Recovery The neighbors see Maxi outside all the time. It’s water the hedges, prune, weed, fertilize, gather palm fronds, pick up shards, rake. Maxi disappeared for a while near the end of May, then in a few months she was … Continue reading

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Many Of You Have Done This — Like It Or Not

Second Time Around Okay, the day is close and now you can’t push “it” out of your mind. Things have to be done, there is no choice. You know what they are, you have been here before. That’s the problem, … Continue reading

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Oh No, Not Again

Back to Back On March 26th I had Ulna Nerve Transposition surgery on my left arm. July 8th it will be the right arm’s turn. This is a video of the surgery. Don’t watch if you have a weak stomach. … Continue reading

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I Ain’t Goin’ You Can’t Make Me

Anticipation Yesterday I sat in the recliner with my laptop fingers flying. Thing is, nothing was happening. I wanted to put together a short post for this morning but couldn’t concentrate. It’s cause I got a doctor’s appointment this morning … Continue reading

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Dancin’ With The Stars

Modify “Is it bad?” Hi Y’all.  Gotta tell ya, I am sooo glad to be able to give you an update even if I do have to hunt ‘n peck with one hand. The surgery went great, no problems. I … Continue reading

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Maxi Malone Comes Face To Face With Star Wars

https://maxiscomments.com/2011/01/09 I wasn’t going to post this but changed my mind because it may help one of you who will face this surgery or maybe a family member. That was a post I wrote about surgery for a herniated disc … Continue reading

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Surprise In The Attic

It is Saturday night around eight o’clock when Brittany and Gramgram decide to look for Cody. He’s a little brown bear, cute and cuddly. Cody has been a member of the family for years.                                                                                The two are giggly as … Continue reading

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