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Maxi Malone Twitter Account Compromised

“What’s going on with the strange e-mails?” my friend asked. I was confused. “What do you … I didn’t send you an e-mail.” “I didn’t think so,” she came back. “This is the second one, just wanted to let you … Continue reading

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Are Friends Jumping the Facebook Ship?

When Facebook first showed up it was like a simple corkboard with pictures and stuff all over the place, like a collage. Then it became more sophisticated, developed a place for personal information, friends pictures, etc. Everyone could view our … Continue reading

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A Person Hates You for 1of 3 Reasons

RT @DrQuotes A person hates u for 1 of 3 reasons. 1.They wanna be you 2.They hate themselves 3.They see you as a threat A while back I put this RT on Twitter. Don’t you think all three might be … Continue reading

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