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Twin Tower Will Rise Again

“No voice bears more influence with the people than their leader.” Maxi Malone The country is buzzing over news that something big is happening at Ground Zero. Many say the Twin Tower will rise again. They take to their laptops, … Continue reading

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America Hasn’t Lived Up To Her Ideals

This letter surfaced on the Internet at the end of 2009; I checked on the authenticity and it’s for real. Seems to me a perfect time for us to remember… Photo/Fore ‘n Aft magazine This venerable and much honored WW … Continue reading

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Back Door Amnesty

Yesterday morning, May 25th, I made a call to our Florida Senator’s office in Washington, D.C. How nice, someone answered on the first ring, no pushing numbers for five minutes. After giving my name, I told the man who answered: … Continue reading

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You Won’t Die Today

September 11, 2008 by Maxi You won’t die today … thanks to Captain Tammy Longo, her brother, David Schapson, and all the other firefighters constantly on watch. It’s surprising to learn some of the other duties performed by these brave … Continue reading

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