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Greatest Must Have Ever Invented

Necessity May Your Glass Always Be Half Full Food for thought: Did some diggin’ – found lots o’ comments by kids — and their use of cell phones in school — play games, check texts by girlfriend/ boyfriend, cheat on … Continue reading

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Senior Wakes From Coma After Dynamic Takedown

I took these comments from a report by News13 here in Central Florida. It’s the case where a police officer used force to subdue an elderly man who was intoxicated and angry because his vehicle was being towed away. http://www.cfnews13.com/article/news/2010/october/162113/Orlando-police:-Takedown-OK-in-incident-involving-elderly-man?cid=rssContinue reading

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Cop Breaks 84yr Old Mans Neck

Daniel Daley is throwing back a few at the Caboose Bar in Orlando Saturday night. All is right in his world until the 84-year-old makes his way across the street to the Ivanhoe Grocery. photo/Dave D’Marco Not paying attention the … Continue reading

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We Have All Been There

Did you know that Roy Kronk, the man who found the remains of little Caylee Anthony, called the police four times before they fully responded? Photo/Central Florida News 13 The 46-year-old meter reader had pulled off the road near the … Continue reading

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You Won’t Die Today

September 11, 2008 by Maxi You won’t die today … thanks to Captain Tammy Longo, her brother, David Schapson, and all the other firefighters constantly on watch. It’s surprising to learn some of the other duties performed by these brave … Continue reading

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