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Maxi Malone Twitter Account Compromised

“What’s going on with the strange e-mails?” my friend asked. I was confused. “What do you … I didn’t send you an e-mail.” “I didn’t think so,” she came back. “This is the second one, just wanted to let you … Continue reading

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Are Friends Jumping the Facebook Ship?

When Facebook first showed up it was like a simple corkboard with pictures and stuff all over the place, like a collage. Then it became more sophisticated, developed a place for personal information, friends pictures, etc. Everyone could view our … Continue reading

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A Person Hates You for 1of 3 Reasons

RT @DrQuotes A person hates u for 1 of 3 reasons. 1.They wanna be you 2.They hate themselves 3.They see you as a threat A while back I put this RT on Twitter. Don’t you think all three might be … Continue reading

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How Many Users Will Quit Facebook?

When the Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Facebook apps had transmitted users’ personal information to advertisers and tracking companies it made me wonder. This is the result of a poll I saw online which asked: Will Facebook’s reported privacy … Continue reading

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Some Sayings Stick In Your Head

Some sayings stick in your head, make you stop and think … who the heck said that? It started me thinking the other day and I decided to have a contest. photo/maxi’s home office Whoever can put a name to … Continue reading

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