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Men Who Evolve Into Apes

Hi, my name is Gladys and I have a big problem. I’m only seventeen days old but my mom doesn’t like me. I think she’s scared ‘cause she never had a baby before. Here’s another thing, I have a lot … Continue reading

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A Good Book Never Dies

A prayer-book sits in the dark corner of a cabinet waiting to be found, to be made famous. After all, it’s leather-bound, has 500 pages and is only 4 x 2.5 inches. Can you imagine? Yet, it is the spiritual … Continue reading

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12 Luminous Photos of the Grand Canyon

Have you ever been to this wonder of the world? Me either. My friend in Ohio sent these … feels as if you’re adrift in the Mighty Canyon.  U.S. Air Force Northrop F-5E Tiger II fighters of the 58th Tactical … Continue reading

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A Snack Can Change Your Life

My friend in Ohio sent me this eye-opener. It’s hard to believe that cookies can be this priceless. You cannot relive today … do it with love. May Your Glass Always Be Half Full ____________________

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A Monster’s Battle with Love and Hate

This is a true story: Part I image/www.cbsnews.com Babs loved his life of fear, terror and war. It puffed him up to look in the mirror at the signs of superiority that covered his body. Especially the hand with HATE … Continue reading

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War on Fishing in Florida

My best friend is moving from Ohio to live with me in Central Florida. We are so excited, have lots of plans, and one of them is… Fishing. Jen and I have our red canvas chairs with built-in drink holder, … Continue reading

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Have You Had Your Fruit Today?

My friend in Ohio sent me these. I think it must take a creative mind and a steady hand to carve out these wondrous marvels… I am so astounded of people with such inventive minds. Which is your favorite? You … Continue reading

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