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Once You Go Here You Have To Go Back

Miami, Florida is a legend in itself. It was a great place to grow up in the fifties. Days would glide one into another, simple and easy. Like the times the band came to our house to practice. I would … Continue reading

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The Day My Cousin Became An Uncle

No uncles were hanging ‘round when I was growing up… but there was my cousin Freddie. I was crazy about Freddie; he was my favorite. Freddie was in the navy, stationed near Key West, Florida. Anytime he was on leave … Continue reading

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Ain’t No Such Thing As Being Young

…not in a big family. It was June 15, 1941 when I showed up in Staten Island, N.Y. Only I didn’t hang out there for long. Miami, Florida is where I grew up and consider it my home town. And … Continue reading

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Ain’t Never Doing That Again

Years ago I did layouts (ads) for the Collier County News in Naples, Florida. It was a fun job, loved it buuut missed home and was soon lickety-split back to Miami. I landed in the printing business and stayed … … Continue reading

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Maxi Malone Has Been to Heaven and Back

(Part II of Old Beds and Sunshine) This actually happened…    Marilou didn’t sleep alone in the room with the old metal daybed. There were two sisters and two brothers also, curled up in the bunk beds. They were all a … Continue reading

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Do You Like Surprises?

Last week I received the Kreativ Blogger award. Patti @ pattisjarrett.wordpress.com bestowed the honor. It took me back, caught me off guard actually. Thank you, Patti, the approval is greatly appreciated. Sure makes one feel special. Now, I have to … Continue reading

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