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Don’t Dare Drive Too Slow in Florida

Sharon rushed into choir practice one evening all flushed and jittery. She told us that someone had “given her the finger” while she was driving. After a little conversing back and forth to find out what happened, I asked: “Were … Continue reading

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Senior Wakes From Coma After Dynamic Takedown

I took these comments from a report by News13 here in Central Florida. It’s the case where a police officer used force to subdue an elderly man who was intoxicated and angry because his vehicle was being towed away. http://www.cfnews13.com/article/news/2010/october/162113/Orlando-police:-Takedown-OK-in-incident-involving-elderly-man?cid=rssContinue reading

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Cop Breaks 84yr Old Mans Neck

Daniel Daley is throwing back a few at the Caboose Bar in Orlando Saturday night. All is right in his world until the 84-year-old makes his way across the street to the Ivanhoe Grocery. photo/Dave D’Marco Not paying attention the … Continue reading

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America Is Becoming Old Russia

by Maxi For a long time now I’ve been telling my husband that America is turning into the Old Russia. We are losing our rights day by day. For years we had to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. … Continue reading

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Caylee Is Alive

August 26, 2008 by Maxi … says he knows who has Caylee. These are the words of Leonard Padilla, the bounty hunter. He also believes that Casey Anthony fled her parent’s home to get out from under their domination. When … Continue reading

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