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Whitney Houston and the Power of Fear

What happened? Whitney Houston had it all: she could sing like nobody’s business, had looks to die for, a loving personality.  And then… Along came drugs. The first years with husband Bobby Brown his use of drugs didn’t touch Whitney, … Continue reading

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Raggedy Ann and a Grandfather’s Love

When I heard the rumble of the Dodge Ram truck in the garage I felt a tingle inside, the same joy I had known for more than thirty years. My husband stood in the kitchen doorway beaming, “I’m having a … Continue reading

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A Monster’s Battle with Love and Hate

Based on a true story: Part II Bryon Widner was at a skinhead festival where hate spewed from loudspeakers; his mind heard the words but his heart wasn’t convinced. It was May 2005 when… Three-year-old Isabella Larsen changed his life. … Continue reading

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