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Kick Out the Grey Matter

This came from a friend the other day … each phrase turns on a light in my brain As I age I am kinder to myself, less critical, I have become my own friend. I have seen many a friend … Continue reading

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What’s Hiding Inside YOUR Mailbox

Not too long ago I was minding my own business, unaware of what was lurkin’ inside my mail box. Granddaughter Brittany was staying the week-end and we were checking out the comments on my blog. She had somethin’ to say … Continue reading

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Some Decisions are Easy

It’s Friday, July 20, 2012 and I’m lost. For the past three weeks I have been “making the donuts.” The expression is a take on an old TV commercial. The donut-maker gets up everyday bleary-eyed and wobbly and heads for … Continue reading

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