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8 Sculptures Designed To Deceive

by maxi Talk about some talented artists, these have to be among the most inventive. When the serpent first caught my eye I thought it was real. A gigantic aluminum serpent was completed in 2012 by artist Huang Yong Ping. … Continue reading

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On The Wings of Love

This story was tucked among my mail last week; anyone who reads it will be consumed with the true meaning of love. I have changed the wording to my own. The Eastern Bluebird, Sialia sialis, is a small thrush found … Continue reading

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A Close Look At Nuclear Energy

Years ago I went on a pilgrimage with a group from my church. In France it was natural to see locals out in the fields right next to a nuclear plant. image credit/howstuffworks.com This nuclear plant is located near Dukovany, … Continue reading

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Maxi Malone Discovers Answer To Granddaughters Fear

Granddaughter Brittany loves to come to our house, but is afraid to stay the night. I tried everything: night lights, monster spray, etc. Nothing worked, so we ended the sleepovers. Brittany’s room/see monster spray- lamp with night-light Right before school … Continue reading

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