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Don’t Matter to Me, I’m Bi-S…

You gotta read this all the way through. I found it in the neighborhood paper that comes ‘round once a month. It’s about a proprietor who ran a business for thirty years and… Managed 1,800 employees without modern technology. Still, … Continue reading

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TV Documentary Awakens Hidden Love

A true story… Laura’s hand covered her mouth, her eyes filled with panic, “It’s true. It’s him.”   Pete Dunning was on her TV screen being scooped up by an army helicopter in Afghanistan. He was in critical condition, near … Continue reading

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Maxi Malone Twitter Account Compromised

“What’s going on with the strange e-mails?” my friend asked. I was confused. “What do you … I didn’t send you an e-mail.” “I didn’t think so,” she came back. “This is the second one, just wanted to let you … Continue reading

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Facebook and Rattlesnakes

(photos by Shelly Mays) It fills one with power to handle poisonous snakes in front of a cheering crowd. Andrew Hamblin has felt the force and can’t let go. “It is the closest thing to heaven on earth that you … Continue reading

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What is the Writer’s Secret?

It may surprise you to find out how long it takes me to write a post, three hours most of the time. Yet, I have read more than once that a post can be written in twenty minutes. Oh, really. … Continue reading

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Are Friends Jumping the Facebook Ship?

When Facebook first showed up it was like a simple corkboard with pictures and stuff all over the place, like a collage. Then it became more sophisticated, developed a place for personal information, friends pictures, etc. Everyone could view our … Continue reading

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A Person Hates You for 1of 3 Reasons

RT @DrQuotes A person hates u for 1 of 3 reasons. 1.They wanna be you 2.They hate themselves 3.They see you as a threat A while back I put this RT on Twitter. Don’t you think all three might be … Continue reading

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