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Champagne Taste on a Beer Bottle Income

This article has been hidin’ in my files for a long time. Still, it’s so revealing that I gotta put it out there. It’s about a neighborhood crime. An outraged woman… Contacted the police to report that her purse had … Continue reading

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Don’t You Hate When This Happens?

It was one of those days that started out great until… (yep, this really is my bed) I had made the bed, brushed my teeth, all the usual stuff. Except for gettin’ dressed, I couldn’t decide about that. We writers … Continue reading

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Maxi Malone Twitter Account Compromised

“What’s going on with the strange e-mails?” my friend asked. I was confused. “What do you … I didn’t send you an e-mail.” “I didn’t think so,” she came back. “This is the second one, just wanted to let you … Continue reading

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Forward This E-mail ASAP

I showed this e-mail to my husband with the idea that I may post it on my blog … in protest. He said it may cost me a friend. I responded that I didn’t think so because my friend isn’t … Continue reading

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