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10 World Wide Images to Dazzle and Inspire

1 – America at night from a composite assembled by the Suomi NPP satellite in 2012 – made possible by the satellite’s “day-night band” of the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS), which detects light in a range of wavelengths … Continue reading

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Auto Dealer Defrauds Grieving Widow – Part III

I have pleaded with the car lot to make this right; to give me a car worth the thousands I paid. No way. Let the collision begin… In mid-March, I sent an e-mail to Todd Ulrich at WFTV Action 9 … Continue reading

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Holidays Gone Amok

Years ago when I taught Sunday school the church had an Easter event. There were too many children to have an egg hunt so we did something different. We placed the eggs on the grass and the kids had to … Continue reading

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12 Mind Bending Photos

The next time I have a complaint number 4 will make me stop and think. Can’t imagine my days spent in this position … at this job. Western and Victorian crown pigeons eat from a feeding plate at the Kuala … Continue reading

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Ladies, It Is Time to Butt Out

An online article about girls wrestling boys caught my eye the other day and I thought: What the heck? It reminded me of the time years ago when word spread that a couple of coworkers were gonna get into it. … Continue reading

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Postman Delivers Mail Totally Naked

Most mailmen that have been on a route for years tend to get close to their customers. They also have outrageous stories to tell … my own husband included. He worked for the U.S. Post Office for more than thirty … Continue reading

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Twelve Must-See Photos From ‘Round The World

AP Photo / Martin Meissner Photographer with umbrella reflected in a Christmas ornament in Gelsenkirchen, Western Germany on Nov. 29, 2010. AP Photo / Gianfilippo Oggioni Soccer fans rally round fire in Bologna‘s Renato Dall’Ara stadium, Nov. 28, 2010 before … Continue reading

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