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I’m Proud To Be An American

In honor of a boy who grew up to serve in the United States Navy and Army Reserves—my late husband, David A—and To all Veterans whose dedication, service and ultimate sacrifice give us the freedom we know and love in … Continue reading

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E-mail 101: Think Before You Click

Do you automatically forward e-mails that come from friends or family? Do it without thinking? Or it’s one of those send this back to me and five others if you’re my friend? Afraid they will get mad? Well, everyone will … Continue reading

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One Health Care Plan Fits All Americans?

by Paul J. Rigazio The Democrats in Congress and President Obama are working toward health-care reform. While most Americans are happy with their health-care plan, there are a lot of Americans without a health-insurance plan. Most Americans, including most Republicans, … Continue reading

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National Healthcare Could Kill Americans

by Maxi Malone Who Is Going To Pay For This Healthcare? Anyone making more than one million dollars a year, that’s who. Sounds good, right? Yea, make those rich people pay for Healthcare. What if that millionaire is your boss? … Continue reading

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