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TV Documentary Awakens Hidden Love

A true story… Laura’s hand covered her mouth, her eyes filled with panic, “It’s true. It’s him.”   Pete Dunning was on her TV screen being scooped up by an army helicopter in Afghanistan. He was in critical condition, near … Continue reading

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Afghanistan Has Sports Heroes

When I think of Afghanistan it is caves, bombs and the Taliban. It certainly isn’t a vision of hard-playing sportsman. photo/afghansportsfederation.org It happened when the ten-year war (1979-1989) with Russia drove two million Afghans into Northern Pakistan. Something magical happened. … Continue reading

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American Eagle Soars Over Afghanistan

by Maxi These came from my friend in Ohio yesterday; don’t know who wrote the text. What I do know is … I’m so proud to be an American. Check out what some of our boys overseas did to their … Continue reading

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No-Name Kids Recover in North Carolina

by Maxi Malone They come from a world of terror into a land of fairy tales… This is 17-year-old Zamad Rashid, guardian angel of the no-name kids. He came to America in 2007 for sinus surgery; returning again for soft … Continue reading

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Will Terrorists Kill American Soldier?

by Maxi Malone The name and rank are clearly visible on a Taliban web site… He is Private 1st Class Bowe Bergdahl, a twenty-three-year old Army paratrooper from Idaho. It shakes you up a bit to learn that he joined … Continue reading

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