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This Ain’t No Regular Boo Boo

Mistake I love this word – the way people use it actually. Mistake: something done accidentally – the actions above are choices Still, it’s accepted without pause today. Even heard Dr. Phil use it inappropriately in my humble opinion. May … Continue reading

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You Have Fifteen Minutes to Say Goodbye

Traffic had slowed long before the couple come upon a horrendous scene… They lean closer to the windshield to get a better look. Their eyes well-up and their stomachs tighten at the sight. It is like nothing they have ever … Continue reading

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Drew Peterson: Ex-Cop Arrested in Death of Third Wife

by Maxi Kathleen Savio As someone who loves forensic shows, watches them nightly, I remember this case well. Remember the outrage after sitting through the entire program only to have it ruled an accident. I was yelling at the TV, … Continue reading

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