Meet Maxi

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I’m Maxi Malone (it’s the name I use to write my books). Actually, I always use it. Everyone calls me Maxi except my husband, he called me honey.

I was born in Staten Island, New York but spent very little time there. Miami, Florida is where I grew up and consider it my home town.

I’m third in line of seven kids, so I know all about loud noise, standing in line, leftovers, hand-me-downs, etc.

My mom stayed home and dad played piano in the cabarets. While we were awake he was asleep, so we didn’t see too much of dad.

There’s a lot of chaos in a house filled with that many kids; you have to find a place to go. Make your own place actually.

We all have a place inside that lights us up —even if we are not aware. The spark exploded in me the day I wrote my first complete sentence. I was six.

Now those sentences are written until they become a novel. It’s my addiction. What’s yours?

Until we meet again…

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

Update:  A while ago, I met a widower. Before long, like turned to love.
We were blissfully married on April 22, 2017

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