American Citizens Please Vote

“I had not planned to write about voting until I spied this poll, now I can’t help myself.”

This is what I wrote in the past; I also posted this survey:

Have you decided who you will vote for on November…

9226 Votes                                                            

1769 Votes

I already voted
2626 Votes

I’m not voting
1373 Votes

Total Votes: 14,994

When I saw the words “I’m not voting” it slammed me right in the conscience. It dug up the guilt of years ago when I said the same thing. I didn’t take to either candidate, so I didn’t vote. It’s only one vote, no big deal.

Still, it bothered me. After I chewed on it for a while I accepted an important fact, at least for me. My vote will not be about personality but policy. Who I think will do what is best for the country, for the people.

Something else I have come to accept. Without my vote I’m not represented, have no real say. Oh sure, I can make any statements I want about what I think of a candidate or policy, what’s going on in the government. Only where is the sincerity?

There is an old saying that “talk is cheap.” In other words, what I say is meaningless if I’m not willing to back it up, to take action. I cherish the right to vote; my day is focused on this privilege.

America is my country, the land where I was born and raised. It is where I have chosen to live, and will stay until the day I die.

I love this country heart and soul. I am proud to be an American, proud of America. No country in the world helps people in need, here and abroad, as much as America.

What if there is an election and no one shows up?  What if everyone decides it’s only one vote; doesn’t matter?

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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