Christopher Columbus Had a Secret

Did you know that Columbus was looking for China when he found Cuba?

In Columbus’ day most people believed the world was round, only they weren’t aware of the Pacific Ocean. When Christopher Columbus and his mates set sail they figured all that stood between them and riches was the Atlantic.

The treasure hunter was determined to find a route from Europe to Asia. Columbus made four trips across the Atlantic in his search. He didn’t find that path, what he accidentally discovered was the Americas.

The United States has observed Columbus Day since 1937. We have picnics and parades to celebrate; we like to repeat the little diddy:

In fourteen hundred ninety-two
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

You can read the poem here:

Christopher Columbus was thrilled when they landed at the Bahamas; the crew was treated like royalty. It was later, as they sailed on, that Columbus spied Cuba and thought it was the mainland of China.

There is a lot more about Christopher Columbus and his band of gold diggers:


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