Do You Believe an Honest Car Dealer Exists?

(all photos from Maxi’s Files)

Maxi reaches for the ring around her neck and presses it to her lips; she whispers softly to her husband. David has only been gone five months and she is in trouble.

Evening shadows frame the widow’s bowed head and stooped shoulders, all hope is gone. She has lost all her money and her car. What she has in return looms in the garage in disrepair, unsafe to put on the road.

The next four months are a nightmare with no way to get to the doctor’s office, the pharmacy, grocery store, and most especially her beloved granddaughter. Maxi leaves no stone unturned as she fights to make this right.

Bob Steele Chevrolet in Cocoa, Fl

The breaking point came on May 14th. “I’ve had enough of you hauling me around on your days off,” Maxi blurts. “Let’s try Bob Steele Chevrolet in Cocoa, a couple of people have advised me to go there.”

A salesman approaches as Maxi and Jen step from her car. Chris is pleasant and informative; most of all he isn’t pushy which is a big plus. After a look-see at the vehicles they go inside for a discussion.

Maxi lays out her price range, including payments—and the good folk at Bob Steele Chevrolet make it happen—the happy widow drives away in the car of her dreams.

2009 Chevy Impala in Maxi’s driveway

Then it happens, the light at the end of the tunnel. One phone call turns a negative into a positive; the first car (now in the driveway) is picked up. When it is returned, the vehicle has been restored.

Maxi gives the vehicle to her daughter, who is in need of a car for herself and daughter; another happy ending.

Bobby manager – Chris associate

The last three people I talked with – Bobby, Chris, and the phone call – have restored my faith in car dealers. It may take a little lookin’ but honest dealers are out there.

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May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


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