Holidays Gone Amok

Years ago when I taught Sunday school the church had an Easter event. There were too many children to have an egg hunt so we did something different. We placed the eggs on the grass and the kids had to push them with their nose to the finish line.

A boy about nine pushed the egg with his hand, as the younger children pushed with their nose. The older boy won; no one said a word that he had cheated.

I never took part in the event again.

Jerilee Bennett / Colorado Springs Gazette / AP
In an April 23, 2011 photo, children collect eggs at the Old Colorado City Easter Egg Hunt on in Colorado Springs Colo. Organizers have canceled this year’s event, complaining of parental behavior.

There’s a group in Colorado Springs who feel the same; there will be no Easter egg hunt at Bancroft Park this year because last year was a nightmare.

An area at Bancroft Park was roped off and the eggs were placed in the open. Once the children-only egg hunt began some parents went berserk, jumpin’ the rope to help their kids.

When I read this story it was the first time I heard the expression “helicopter parents,” those who hover over their kids—involved in every part of their lives. It brings to mind the parent of a famous celebrity and a story I heard him tell.


Earl Woods and son, Tiger were on the way to the golf course. As they talked, it came out that Tiger had forgotten his golf clubs. “Oh well,” dad said, “guess you don’t get to play today.”

“We could go back and get them,” cried Tiger.

“Oh no,” dad shook his head. “Those are your clubs and your responsibility. Maybe next time you won’t forget them.” Tiger was around 4-5yrs old. Go dad, I say.

Over the years, responsibility has been thrown to the wayside. Everything that happens is someone else’s fault. Seems to me it began when everyone got a trophy. I still can’t grasp the concept.

Kids who don’t earn a prize get one anyway … ‘cause we can’t have any hurt feelings. Those who put in the hard work and sweat lose the recognition they deserve, which can cause a lack of incentive in the future.

Jennifer Rexford has three boys and used to live near Bancroft Park, before they moved to Texas. They love Easter egg hunts but don’t get involved anymore. “Pushy parents” have ruined the fun.

Lenny Watkins lives a block away from the park; he took his friend’s son to the Easter egg hunt in 2009.

“You have all these eggs just lying around and parents helping out. You better believe I’m going to help my kid get one of those eggs.” I promised my kid an Easter egg hunt,” he swears, “and I’d want to give him an edge.”

Parents mean well, only what about the feelings of those who are responsible, work hard for what they want?

If a parent jumps in to bail a child out in every situation, what happens when they have to face the real world?

Last week my granddaughter stayed with me while my daughter recovered from foot surgery. I had to go somewhere on business and she took her coloring book and crayons. We were in the office when Brittany realized she had left them in the car.

I didn’t run out to get them for her, didn’t say anything until we got back to the house. The bag was next to her toy box. “What’s that?” I asked.

“It’s my coloring book and crayons,” she answered.

“Well,” I smiled, “maybe next time you will remember.”

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

These comments jolted me outta my socks:

Scott S., McHenry, IL (ScottS) wrote on March 31, 2012 4:33 p.m. Easter egg hunts are just the tip of the iceberg…how about attending college entrance interviews, job interviews and even contacting employers re their child’s employment issues. Yes, I’ve had colleagues that have dealt with them all.

Maureen F., McHenry, IL (Momto4) wrote on March 31, 2012 2:40 p.m.  This was why McHenry high school did away with valedictorians….didn’t want the kids who didn’t win to get disappointed. What a crock….

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