Casey Anthony Killed Caylee

I just finished the book “Imperfect Justice” by Jeff Ashton, the prosecutor in the Casey Anthony trial. It reveals the inside story of slips, dirty tricks, and how little Caylee was lost in the mayhem.

Caylee’s death traumatized the nation; her loss will never go away for those of us who live in Central Florida where she was murdered.

Caylee cries for justice

The jury could easily have convicted her — only they bought into the “Soap Opera” opening by Jose Baez—and the prosecution never had a chance.

The jury foreman says the prosecution didn’t show them how Caylee died? How about her skull covered in duct tape? The photo is so horrific it still has not been leaked to the public.

The defense claimed it was Caylee’s grandpa who found her. Would you pull your grandchild from a pool and start yelling at your daughter or call 911? Would you begin CPR or put duct tape over her face?

Casey left her parent’s home with Caylee on June 16, 2008 and Caylee Marie Anthony was never seen alive again. Only Casey had possession of Caylee and the car … until her remains were found 15 houses from her parent’s home.

Casey never reported her daughter missing. Instead, she lied.

When Casey’s parents were notified to pick up their abandoned Pontiac on July 15, 2008 both are shocked at the smell of a “dead body” in the trunk. Experts testified to high levels of chloroform and human decomposition in the trunk.

Caylee wasn’t buried, she had Henkel duct tape (brand at house) over her nose and mouth, was wrapped in her Winnie the Pooh blanket (missing from her bed), placed in a Whitney laundry bag (missing from house), and put in three black trash bags. Caylee was dumped in a wooded area near the Anthony home (where Casey used to hang out with friends).

No one but Casey Anthony had anything to do with Caylee’s death.

 May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

Update: Casey Anthony has recently appeared in video clips to talk about her new life, says she has a dog now, “…who I have adopted and I love.”

Not once did she mention Caylee … no love there.

image/abc news

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