Romeo and Juliet Horror in Orlando, Florida

Neighbors of Verona Estates in Orlando will never forget Valentine’s Day 2012; there were three dead teenagers in the Capuleta house. How could this happen in their upscale domain?

Love is the answer…

Julietta and Paris Capuleta were cousins, Romayo Montague lived next door. Bad blood began to brew between the families when Romayo and Julietta got too close. The disapproval of their relationship caused tremendous fury in both houses, it was a constant battle.

On February 14th, Julietta’s nanny went to search for her. The world shattered as she entered the girl’s bedroom. It was a scene straight out of hell: the bodies were sprawled across the bed, Romayo lay on the bottom and Julietta was draped over her lover. Pills were scattered about the floor, a knife had been plunged into Julietta’s chest.

The nanny ran to Julietta’s mother, who called the police. When detectives entered the house, they found Paris Capuleta in the living room. There was a single gunshot wound in his chest, a Glock 9 semi-automatic handgun laid next to his body. They could tell there had been a struggle. Investigators felt they were dealing with three murders.

Not so…

After they carefully checked each body, detectives discovered that Paris had been murdered, Romayo had overdosed and Julietta committed suicide. The bodies were taken away to the Orange County Medical Examiner building for extensive examination.

The detectives then went to face the Montague family. They listened as Romayo’s mother sobbed about the problems between the families; how neither approved of the romance between the teenagers. It tore the families apart.

The family priest was also at the house. Father Lorenzo told the police that he had counseled Romayo and Julietta. It saddened him, yet he told the teens that nothing good could come of their feelings for one another. The men took notes and returned to the Capuleta home.

The detectives scoured everything about the crime and this is their conclusion—
it was a murder, double suicide. Ballistics tests prove the Glock was the murder weapon; paraffin and fingerprint tests leave no doubt that Romayo was the shooter. Autopsies show that Romayo overdosed on barbiturates; Julietta plunged a knife into her heart when she discovered her lover was dead.

The heartbreak of this situation is the impulse of the kids. Had they waited until the upset of the situation cooled a little, they would have realized it wouldn’t last. More than likely Romayo and Julietta would have moved on to someone else. With a little more maturity they would have known that…

Hard times always pass and good times come again.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full




About Maxi

Hi … I'm Maxi, a retiree with an addiction. I have quit: raising kids, cleaning house, cooking, doing laundry—there is no end the list—everything is done on "have to." The addiction? Writing to my last breath. blessings ~ maxi
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