War on Fishing in Florida

My best friend is moving from Ohio to live with me in Central Florida. We are so excited, have lots of plans, and one of them is…


Jen and I have our red canvas chairs with built-in drink holder, perfect sized Playmate cooler to store our lunch, great radio that David bought to play some soft, soothin’ tunes, and plans to check out the bank of the Indian River. Thing is…

PETA is messin’ with one of the joys in life.

Here’s what going on:

image credit/abcnews

A 21yr. old named CJ Wickersham was spear fishing with his buddies in September near Anna Maria Island when a Bull shark took a chunk out of his thigh. The shark slammed those teeth together so hard CJ’s bone was sticking through a 15-inch gash.

Blood was everywhere, yet it didn’t stop his friends from jumping into the water to save CJ.

His friend couldn’t believe CJ’s strength. “He never passed out,” Bystrom blurted. “He kept conscious the whole time, but it was a bloody, bloody mess.”

It took 700 to 800 stitches to close the monstrous wound in CJ’s left thigh. I listened to his sister Christy (?) on “Maverick in the Morning” and she said her brother will be fine.

So long as he doesn’t fall prey to PETA. Wasn’t long after his attack this ad appeared.

Ashley Byrne is the Campaign Manager and he had a little gabfest with PETA. “With the recent shark attack in the news we thought that it was a good time to bring this discussion up that will hopefully save lives, both human and animals.”

“Sharks are not the most dangerous predators on earth,” he fumed, “we are. Americans alone kill billions of animals for food every year, including fish. And while sharks are natural carnivores, people can choose what they eat.”

PETA also wants us to know the University of Florida’s International Shark Attack File report: sharks kill an average of 5 people per year; fishing fleets kill nearly 70 million sharks per year; unprovoked shark attacks in Florida since 1882 have resulted in 11 fatalities.

Here’s my problem. Do you suppose there is anyone among all the PETA people and their families who fish?

CJ’s mom doesn’t care what PETA thinks. “I’m not going to dignify them with a response,” she spewed. “It’s not even worth my response. They are over the top. If they don’t want to eat meat and fish good for them; you can do whatever you want and I’ll do what I want.”

Do you think sharks know where two innocent women fish on the banks of the Indian River?

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full



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