Did the Casey Anthony Jury Deliberate?

The verdict came too fast. In fairness to both sides the jury needs to go over the evidence. They did not ask to read any transcript or view videos, which made me uncomfortable.

3.360. Oath of Trial Jurors

The following oath shall be administered to the jurors:

“Do you solemnly swear (or affirm) that you will well and truly try the issues between the State of Florida and the defendant and render a true verdict according to the law and the evidence, so help you God?”

I served on a jury and we immediately did three things: picked a foreman, took a vote, and looked at the evidence.

There was a nurse on the jury who helped with the evidence, still it wasn’t enough. We had to use common sense to reach a decision.

We were in court for three days on a minor case and spent 4 hours in deliberation—we wanted to be sure that we were fair.

Remarks made by jurors make you wonder if their minds were made up after Jose Baez made his opening statement. A keep-it-simple, soap opera performance when he swore it was an accident; Caylee drowned in the family pool, the prosecution had no evidence.

Jennifer Ford, juror no.3 said on TV:

  • There was not enough evidence
  • Easier to get to conclusion it was an accident
  • We started to look through stuff but none of it …

Russell Huekler, alternate juror said on TV:

  • Casey was a good mother
  • It was a horrific accident
  • 31 days – lying was the norm

Easier, started to look, horrific accident, not enough evidence? There are 366 pieces of evidence, including photos of Caylee’s skull with duct tape over her face. Is this an accident?


You know the jurors are tired, the trial is over and they want to go home. Still, they took an oath, owed it to Caylee Marie Anthony, the victim, to go through the evidence and deliberate fully.

This is not an accusation but an observation. If jurors believe in their verdict why make the rounds on TV to defend the decision?

Juror no. 3 said: “If they want to charge and they want me to take someone’s life…” Did this jury read the instructions? Their job was to try the issues not the sentence. And…

To use good judgment: Casey took Caylee from her parent’s home on June 16, 2008 … Caylee Marie Anthony was never seen alive again.

Also, there were other options beside the death penalty:


You and I must get past this verdict for Caylee’s sake. There is something we can do to relieve our frustration and honor Caylee. I have signed a petition called “Caylee’s Law” which makes it a Federal offense not to report a missing child.

Caylee’s Law:  http://www.change.org/petitions/create-caylees-law


May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


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