Casey Anthony’s Courtroom Testimony

She didn’t take the stand but Casey Anthony witnessed when a phone call she made from jail on July 16, 2008 was played for the jurors.

These are parts of the actual call that I took from the transcript. You can see that Casey has already disregarded Caylee. She knows that Caylee is dead; still she has no intention of helping anyone find Caylee’s remains.

Casey is hard, callous and cold about Caylee … talks only of herself and Tony.

Cindy and Casey:

CA: Well whose fault is it you’re sitting in the jail? Are you blaming me that you’re sitting in the jail?

CMA: Not my fault.

CA: Blame yourself for telling lies. What do you mean it’s not your fault? What do you mean it’s not your fault sweetheart? If you’d have told them the truth and not lied about everything they wouldn’t….

CMA: Do me a favor just tell me what Tony’s number is. I don’t want to talk to you right now. Forget it.


Lee and Casey:

LA: Well, you know, everything that you’re telling them is a lie.

CMA: I have no clue where Caylee is. If I knew where Caylee was do you think any of this would be happening? No.

LA: Anyway, you only got a couple minutes of this so I’m not going to let you clearly waste it. Here’s Christina. She thinks she can get through to you.

CMA: No! No! I want Tony’s number. I’m not talking to anybody else.

Christina and Casey:

KC: …Casey, you have to tell me if you know anything about Caylee.

CMA: Sweetheart, if I….

KC: If anything happens to Caylee Casey I’ll die (crying). You understand I’ll die if anything happens to….

CMA: Oh, well….

KC: …that baby (continuing to cry).

CMA: Oh, my God. Calling you guys a waste. A huge waste. Honey, I love you. You know I would not let anything happen to my daughter. If I knew where she was this wouldn’t be going on.

CMA: That’s b——- because I just watched the news and heard everything that my Mom said. Nobody in my own family is on my side.

KC: Yes, they are. Nobody has said….

CMA: They just want Caylee back. That’s all they’re worried about right now is getting Caylee back. And you know what? That’s all I care about right now.

KC: Casey, your daughter….

CMA: But at the same time I need their help.

KC: …your, your flesh and blood, your baby girl….

CMA: Christina, please, put my brother back on the phone. I don’t want to get into this with you right now. I love you honey and I’m glad that you’re there. Thank you for your help. I will let you know if there is anything that you can do.

KC: You can’t tell me anybody that can find Caylee? Nobody?

CMA: No. Because every number that I’ve tried, every number that I’ve called is disconnected. Nothing. I can’t get a hold of anybody.

KC: But that, that girl was the last person to have her?

CMA: She was the last person to have her. That was the last time I saw Caylee.

KC: Okay. Uhm, he doesn’t, Lee says he doesn’t have Tony’s phone number.

CMA: Yes he does. He has Tony’s phone number in his phone. He needs to stop f— lying. He just told me a second ago that he’d give me the number.

KC: So if I go and I get you Tony’s number are you going to finish talking to me?

CMA: I, (sighs), I will call you tomorrow. I want to talk to him really quick now. And I want to actually try to close my eyes. I haven’t slept in four days. I have not slept in four days.

KC: Listen, if you’re going to talk to anybody you can talk to me and you know that.

CMA: I know I can talk to you. But at the same time, I know I can talk to Tony and that’s who I want to talk to right now.

Is that phone call the turning point in this case?

When Linda Burdick talks to the jury Casey said, “I never blamed my mother.”

But does she?

In the phone conversation it’s mom’s fault she’s in jail, mom’s fault for talking to the media, mom’s fault for the calling the police. Casey seems to blame mom for almost everything.

In my last post I showed that Cindy is desperate to win her daughter’s love. Right now Casey Anthony is terrified and still…

Is so cunning she may pull Cindy back into her web of lies and deceit. Everyone else will leave—she needs mom—must keep her from asking the question:

“Whose life was better with Caylee Marie Anthony left on the side of the road … dead?”


May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


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