Will Cindy Flip-Flop Free Casey Anthony?

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Cindy Anthony is desperate to save her daughter — I wonder if she understands that her testimony could set Casey free — with no justice for granddaughter Caylee.

Here’s the problem: Long before the trial started the public knew about the chloroform searches and stains in the trunk of the Pontiac.

Cindy and George were all over the TV, yet she never said a word about chloroform searches, or stains being in the trunk when they bought the Pontiac.

Six to eight weeks before the trial George and Cindy find out the defense will state that Caylee drowned, that George blamed Casey and covered it up and that George and Lee will be accused of sexual abuse against Casey.

The family is so upset about the sexual abuse charges they testify for the prosecution. Until … it looks as if they may win, which means Casey could be put to death.

The Anthony’s have now crossed over to the defense.

During her deposition:

Cindy said she made chloroform searches because her dog was tired all the time and she thought it might be from eating bamboo leaves in the back yard.

Actually, she said she typed in chlorophyll and got a pop-up that read: Did you mean chloroform? Cindy told the prosecutor this prompted her to search for chloroform.

Google will do that with some words. I use Firefox same as she does and typed in chlorophyll, no pop-up. No pop-up with Yahoo either.

Cindy did not tell the prosecutor that she came home early on March 17 and 21, 2008 to make these searches because she couldn’t do them on computers at work.

Then she gets on the stand and swears, “I made the chloroform searches.”

The prosecutor asked: Did you type in the words, “How to make chloroform? How to break necks? How to make household weapons?

Cindy, “No. No. No.”

The searches for “How to make chloroform” and other critical searches on the family PC were done on March 17 and March 21, 2008. Cindy’s time card shows she was at work on those days.

Oh, that could be a mistake, she says. Maybe her boss filled out her time card wrong. Under oath.

The biggest problem: Why would a profession nurse have to search:

  • Chlorophyll
  • Chloroform
  • Acetone
  • Hydrogen
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Another thing. Cindy said her memory is better now. Does that mean her memory wasn’t clear before the trial — except on the days she did the computer searches?

Don’t get me wrong. My heart is broken for Cindy Anthony. She is a victim who has lost her granddaughter and doesn’t want to lose her daughter.

She is also in a battle to win her daughter’s love:

The Saturday before the trial started Casey refused to see her mother, yet Cindy left her money. “Please love me Casey.”

Cindy left the stand and mouthed, “I love you” to show Casey she would expose her soul before the world. “Will you love me now?” Casey turned away.

If not out-and-out perjury, Cindy may have come close. “I’m on my knees Casey, will you love me now?”

Do you think Casey will return to her mother’s arms?

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


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