Anthony Prosecution Surprise Witness

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Linda Burdick told Judge Perry they are investigating information about contact between Casey Anthony and April Whalen while they were in the Orange County jail in 2009.

The story is that April had a 15-month-old son who drowned in a swimming pool. His grandpa found him, pulled him out, did CPR and called 911.

Your mind goes right to Casey Anthony … you can’t help it.

Although April insists she doesn’t know Casey Anthony and has never talked to her, April doesn’t deny telling other inmates the story. Well, word spreads faster in prison than it does in a Laundromat.

It may turn out to be nothing more than the Vasco Thompson uproar. The media is screaming there were four calls between the convicted felon and George Anthony the day before Cindy called 911.

Problem is those calls were made on July 14, 2008 and Vasco didn’t have his number until February 2009.

In the meantime, another life goes up in flames because of this case. Vasco Thompson said his life is in turmoil now, that his wife can’t sleep. It makes me sad. This man has paid his dues and turned his life around.

Yet I saw Vasco on TV with his attorney. They complained the Defense is taking his deposition to prepare him to testify. Maybe it’s because the phone company hasn’t released his records yet. If not, this is outrageous.

So far the Defense hasn’t shown me much. Their witnesses have turned out to support the Prosecution. Jose Baez needs to move on and prove his case.

You need him to prove those opening statements: Caylee drowned in the family pool, George Anthony found her, George covered it up, Roy Kronk hid the body, George is guilty of sexual abuse against Casey, Lee Anthony committed sexual abuse against his sister.

Baez used a backdoor maneuver to try to prove his accusation against Lee Anthony.

Agent Heather Seubert from Quantico, Virginia ran tests for blood and fluids on the Pontiac trunk, wheel cover, Casey’s clothes, and the neighbor’s shovel.

At this time, Nick Savage, another agent who investigated the case, asked her to run paternity tests on a list of men.

When she testified Jose Baez asked: Did the FBI ask you to perform a paternity test to see if Lee Anthony was the father of Caylee Anthony?

Court broke for lunch — which left the jury to believe the FBI zeroed in on Lee Anthony because he had molested his sister.

When the jury returned they learned that Lee Anthony was not Caylee’s father.

You think maybe Casey Anthony doesn’t know the answer herself?

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

Read more about Casey Anthony Trial with my new friend
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