The Many Links to Casey Anthony

You hear repeatedly that nothing connects Casey Anthony directly to Caylee’s death. See for yourself where the trail leads.

Casey Anthony:                                                                    

  1. Was the last person seen with Caylee
  2. Did not report Caylee missing
  3. Would not allow parents to see Caylee after June 16, 2008
  4. Claimed that Caylee was with a nanny
  5. Claimed that nanny kidnapped Caylee
  6. Took detectives to nanny’s apartment which was empty
  7. Asked neighbor to borrow shovel on June 16, 2008 – day Caylee died
  8. Backed Pontiac into parent’s garage on June 16, 2008
  9. Had access to laundry bag missing from garage-Caylee found in same type bag
  10. Is only person to have Pontiac during days Caylee was missing
  11. Had evidence in trunk of Pontiac of human decomposition
  12. Had decomposed hairs in trunk similar to hair from Caylee’s brush
  13. Had high levels of chloroform in trunk of Pontiac
  14. Had stickers in her bedroom similar to heart-shaped sticker on duct tape
  15. Had lived 15 houses from where Caylee’s remains were found

Casey Anthony is the last person to be seen with Caylee. Casey took Caylee from her parents’ home on June 16, 2008 and Caylee Marie Anthony was never seen alive again.

You hear over and over that Casey didn’t report Caylee missing for 31 days. Casey Anthony did not report her daughter missing at all.

It was Caylee’s grandmother, Cindy Anthony, who reported Caylee missing.

Casey Anthony lied about:

  1. Having a job
  2. Looking for Caylee
  3. Reasons parents could not see Caylee
  4. The non-existent nanny
  5. Where nanny lived – apartment was empty
  6. Leaving Caylee at nanny’s apartment
  7. Nanny kidnapped Caylee
  8. A Nanny family that didn’t exist
  9. Nanny in serious accident
  10. Being in Jacksonville while in Orlando
  11. Job at universal
  12. What happened to Caylee

Casey Anthony did not file a missing person report. Why? She lied to the police. Why? She lied to family and friends.Why? She lied to everyone about everything. Why?

Experts testified:

  1. Decomposed hair in trunk of Pontiac is similar to hair from Caylee’s brush
  2. Searches for name Zenaida Gonzales was done on home PC
  3. 84 searches were done for chloroform on home computer
  4. Paper towel in trunk of Pontiac contained human decomposition
  5. Body lay in the trunk of Pontiac for 3-5 days
  6. Air from trunk had overwhelming smell of human decomposition
  7. Wheel cover had powerful smell of human decomposition
  8. Overwhelming amounts of chloroform found in trunk
  9. Trunk showed signs of human decomposition
  10. Tape had heart-shaped residue similar to stickers found in Casey’s bedroom
  11. 100% of the time 911 is called in accidental drowning of children
  12. Manner of death is homicide

Saturday June 11, David and I watched the bug testimony by Dr. Neal Haskell. We had no doubts when he finished — there was human decomposition in that trunk. This is a copy of his report:

I realize that some of you may have a problem that Dr. Garavaglia ruled Caylee’s death a homicide. Buuut she is not a housewife giving an opinion. Dr. G is the Chief Medical Examiner of District Nine in Orlando, Florida—with 25 years experience.

She testified that crime scene investigators are trained to look at red flags. “We have to know … there are scientific studies, red flags, for homicides. Who dumps a body in a garbage bag?”

How Dr. G arrived at homicide:

  1. Caylee was not immediately reported missing
  2. Her body was hidden – put in trash bags
  3. A child does not die accidentally with tape on face

“There’s no child that should have tape on its face when it dies,” Dr. G insisted.

She also testified that 911 is called 100% percent of the time in the accidental drowning of children.

My personal views on this case:

Casey as a parent: Casey’s friends testified that she was a good mother. Anyone can be nice for periods of time; it’s caring for a child day in and day out that is the true test of parenthood. How many friends saw Casey in this parental role?

Chloroform: Expert Dr. Vass testified the levels of chloroform in the Pontiac trunk were “overwhelmingly high.” Did Casey use chloroform nightly to put Caylee to sleep? If she had all that chloroform … Why the Duct Tape?

Duct Tape: The Henkel brand duct tape was found on the gas cans from the Anthony shed, on missing Caylee posters. It was found on her skull in the woods. Some say this ties the tape to George Anthony.

Casey broke into the family shed with boyfriend Tony Lazarro and stole gas cans; if there was duct tape inside, in the garage or in the house she could have taken it.                                                                  

Laundry Bag: On June 16, 2008 when Caylee died, Casey asked a neighbor to borrow a shovel. The same day he saw her Pontiac backed into her parent’s garage. Whitney Design laundry bags were in black trash bags on the shelf.

Cindy Anthony testified that one bag is missing. Caylee’s remains were found in a Whitney Design laundry bag – inside black trash bags.

Caylee Drowned: The defense claims that George Anthony found Caylee drowned in the family pool—that he blamed Casey for negligence and covered it up.

If Caylee drowned what did George do with her body? George Anthony loved his granddaughter. I cannot believe he would not do CPR and call 911 as soon as he pulled Caylee from the pool.

The entomology expert testified evidence proves a body lay in the trunk for 3-5 days. So you would have to believe this grandpa put his 2 ½ yr. old granddaughter in the trunk of Casey’s car, wrapped her head in duct tape and walked away.

Came back after Caylee had decomposed, wrapped her in the Winnie the Pooh blanket, put her in the laundry bag from the garage, placed her in black trash bags and took her to the wooded area 15 houses away.

No matter how much a parent loves a child there is no way he could do this to a grandchild he adored.

Why the Duct tape … if Caylee drowned?

Casey’s Demeanor: Casey shopped, danced and partied during the 31 days that Caylee was missing according to her friends. They testified that she was happy.

On June 10, 2011 there was an incident in the courtroom that showed the true Casey Anthony. The jury was sent out of the courtroom while the judge ruled on a superimposed photo of Caylee’s face over her skull.

Casey frowned at the monitor; she really looked angry. The jury came back and was shown the images. Casey then broke down in tears and leaned her head on the attorney’s shoulder for comfort.

Motive: Casey Anthony was under a lot of pressure — Caylee hindered her freedom.

She was fired from her job at Universal Studios but for two years pretended to go to work. This meant that Caylee was tied to her 24/7, on nights when Cindy couldn’t babysit, for hours on end she had to keep Caylee entertained—it ate up her freedom.

Friends testified there were times Casey couldn’t go out because she didn’t have a sitter.

Casey also needed money for food and gas so she stole from her mother, friends and grandmother. More pressure.

Everything changed after June 16, 2008 when Caylee disappeared.

Photos and videos show that Casey shopped, partied, danced, and drank; was in a “hot body” contest, at Blockbuster with her boyfriend renting videos.

Caylee was missing for 31 days and Casey did nothing, supposedly she drowned and Casey did nothing, she was thrown like trash into the woods and Casey did nothing.

What she did was get a tattoo … two weeks after Caylee disappeared. Bella Vita is Italian for beautiful life.

I don’t know. I think the defense has a mountain to climb. What about you?

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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Hi … I'm Maxi, a retiree with an addiction. I have quit: raising kids, cleaning house, cooking, doing laundry—there is no end the list—everything is done on "have to." The addiction? Writing to my last breath. blessings ~ maxi
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