Casey Anthony Rages in the Courtroom

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Casey Anthony flew into a temper tantrum Saturday, as her mother left the witness stand.

Casey is out of control with fire shooting from her eyes, hands waving and lips moving non-stop. You can see her mouth the words, “She said…”

Is she mad because Cindy made a mistake, said something she didn’t like? If so, you will see a lot more fits like this one. Because…

When Cindy Anthony testifies you’re comfortable with what she is saying, you believe her. Will she make a mistake here and there, of course, but you feel her testimony is true.

She contradicted Jose about Casey’s pregnancy. He claimed that Casey was raised to lie—that the family kept her pregnancy a secret for seven months—until she was forced to reveal it at a relative’s wedding.

How can you force someone to go to a wedding, no matter who it is?

Her mama testified that Casey came to her work on June 30th to tell her that she was pregnant.  You think maybe it was Casey who hid the pregnancy?

You think this is just a smoke screen? Who was the last person to see Caylee? Why the computer searches for chloroform? Why keep your family away from Caylee for 31 days? Why search for Caylee in the day and party at night? Would a stranger put a heart sticker on the duct tape?

The questions are endless. Moving on…

You had to be watching folks; it tore up the courtroom when they started about Caylee’s bed with the Winnie the Pooh blanket and little animals and stuff. I’m not a crying kinda person but I well-up at this grandmother’s pain.

Cindy broke down, tears poured like water over Niagra. You can’t fake this kind of pain. This woman is trapped, caught in the middle of a vice that closes in from both sides. On one her granddaughter has been murdered, on the other her daughter is on trial for the murder.

Next the world invades her home through a video. You see the layout of the house with the focus mainly on the locks. Is Caylee able to reach them and get into the pool?

From there it goes to the backyard, the pool and Caylee’s playhouse. The camera zooms in on Casey and this is where she has a big problem with her mama.

Right here I have to admit that I think Jose Baez believes in Casey. Believes everything she has told him about the sexual abuse, pregnancy, the nanny, the drowning … all of it.

So naturally he has to go after every witness to prove his client is innocent, including Casey’s mother and father.

He asked Cindy about June 15, 2005, the day she took Caylee to the nursing home to see her great grandfather. This poor woman has no idea it will be the last picture taken of Caylee or … the last day she will see her granddaughter.

When they got home Cindy and Caylee went swimming. This is BIG because Caylee supposedly drowned in the pool. Jose really goes after Cindy about the ladder. The family always takes the ladder away, but is she certain about this day.

Cindy says she is as sure as anyone can be sure about anything. You get the feeling that she doesn’t want to lie but—doesn’t want to turn on Casey.

Just when you think there can’t be another torpedo, this happens:

Jose questions Cindy on her search for the nanny. He asks when she stopped looking for her. Cindy responds about six weeks ago.

And what happened six weeks ago?

She responded that is when she found out about the charges. In other words, that Caylee had drowned. The family is not prepared to be bushwacked on the sexual abuse charges against George and Brother Lee.

Wednesday is a “hold your breath and heart day” in the courtroom:

There is no doubt that Lee Anthony’s fiancé believes it when she testifies that Casey had an amazing relationship with Caylee. Mallory Parker’s emotion is raw. Would she be so kind if she knew that sister dearest has accused Lee of sexual abuse?

When Lee is on the stand he seems protective of Casey, until … the prosecutor asks about the conversation where Lee asks Casey why she didn’t let the family see Caylee. “Maybe because I’m a spiteful bitch,” she spewed.

Oops. Lee also was adamant the odor from sister’s car was potent.

Still, there are others who were near the car that didn’t notice the smell.

You have to be amazed at the way Amy Huizenga was sucked in by Casey. She testified that they were going to rent a house together. In the end, Casey steals her checkbook while Amy is out of town and nearly empties her bank account.

Amy said something that no one is talking about, yet it sticks with me. Cindy had tracked her down to find Casey and Caylee; the prosecutor asked if she was nervous about meeting with Cindy.

“Not nervous just cautious,” she answered.

And why is that the prosecutor wanted to know.

Amy frowned, “Because Casey told me she’s crazy.”

Maybe George and Cindy have made mistakes during this nightmare of their life. They are human. But you don’t see a crazy woman on that stand. You see a grandmother ripped apart as she listens to herself on the 911 tapes crying for Caylee.

Cindy Anthony’s head falls into her hand. You see her head shake as she sobs relentlessly. She does not raise her head the entire time.

Casey raises a tissue to her face, it’s hard to tell if there is a tear.

It is brutal to watch this grandmother suffer. You want to reach out and help her, only there is nothing you can do.

When it is over, Cindy looks up at Judge Perry and begs for a break.

As Cindy steps down from the stand she stumbles, needs help to walk from the courtroom.

George is waiting in the rear. Cindy walks into his outstretched arm and lays her head on his shoulder.

She then heads into the ladies room—the women said she cried so hard they thought she might vomit.

Maybe Cindy Anthony has been fighting a battle with the truth … the truth has won.

My heart and prayers are with her.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


News from Home:
David had a relapse Friday, had to
go into the hospital for pneumonia.

Also, his white blood cell count was
low. He is home now and feeling better.

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