Casey Anthony Crucifies George and Cindy

The camera zoomed in on Casey Anthony as she turned her head side to side. My heart beat a little faster. Oh no, she’s going to set up her parents. That’s what I was thinking when…

Linda Burdick was giving her opening statement. The prosecutor said that nobody but Casey Anthony could have done the computer searches for how to break necks, make homemade weapons and chloroform.

There was another give away during the first court break. Tony Pipitone is a reporter with WKMG in Central Florida and he was talking outside about Linda’s opening statement—the part where she mentioned Caylee’s blanket.

He could see Casey Anthony over one shoulder and Cindy over the other. Tony was fired up, said when Linda mentioned Caylee’s Winnie the Pooh blanket being found at the crime scene, “Cindy glared at Casey as if to say … how could you?”

It kept you frozen as the prosecutor laid out all Casey’s lies, described cell phone records and statements from family and friends that don’t jive with Casey’s stories.

You couldn’t help but feel sad as she told what Casey Anthony did on those 31 days: the parties, nightclubs, shopping and that tattoo, Bella Vita … while little Caylee lie wrapped in trash bags on the cold ground in the woods.

Between details the prosecutor would say, “Where is Caylee?” It stabs you in the heart. You picture little Caylee with her hand under her chin, those huge brown eyes looking up so trusting.

After Casey’s arrest on July 16th her boyfriend Tony Lazarro texted her at 6:50am. “Where is Caylee?”

Eight minutes later he sent another text: “Why wouldn’t you tell me of all people? I was your boyfriend that cares about you and your daughter. It doesn’t make sense to me. Why would you lie to me, thinking she was fine and with your nanny?”

At 7:04am Tony sent this text: “Who is this Zannie person?”

Now that is huge right there.

I have served on a jury before and there is one thing I learned. You don’t know all the facts until you’re sitting in the courtroom.

Still, the opening statement by the defense is stunning.

The first thing Jose Baez does is to tell everyone that it would be insane and bizarre for a mother not to report her child missing for 31 days.

“Something’s not right with this girl,” he sighs.

I’m thinking he’s going for an insanity defense. Then he drops a bomb:

Why would Casey Anthony wait so long to report Caylee missing? “Because she was never missing,” he swears. She drowned in the family swimming pool on June 16, 2008.

Don’t go flyin’ outta your chair, Jose has more. He says:

On June 16, 2008 that George and Casey couldn’t find Caylee inside and went looking outside. Casey came around the house and saw her father standing next to the pool holding Caylee.

Supposedly, he yelled at Casey that her mother would never forgive her and she could go to jail for child neglect. Did they call 911? No. Did they call Cindy? No. Instead, Casey asks her father for help.

How did Caylee get into the above-ground pool anyway? George and Cindy always take the ladder away, except for this one time.

What did they do with the body? Baez says Roy Kronk took it and hid it so he could get the reward. Only he forgot to read the fine print that said Caylee had to be found alive.

And what about the way Casey acted when her daughter was missing? Grip the side of your chair folks, this is tough.

Casey could keep this accident a secret because this is what she has been taught—like hiding her pregnancy until the seventh month. She could act as if nothing happened just like she did after dad started molesting her at eight.

Jose Baez just piled it on. Insisted that Casey learned to hide her pain by going to “a deep, ugly place called denial” after Caylee died, pretended nothing was wrong.

He shouted for all the world to hear: “She could be 13 years old, have her father’s penis in her mouth, and go to school and play with the other kids as if nothing happened.”

Casey swore that Brother Lee came after her also, only not as bad as dad.

Jose made George and Cindy look dirty and secretive, which is why Casey could pretend to have a job for two years and a fake nanny for Caylee. She even created phony e-mails from the office. It was all done to protect Caylee.

On the witness stand, Jose tried to make George Anthony look guilty. Asked him why he would report his gas cans missing and not his granddaughter.

George fired back that Caylee wasn’t missing then, it had only been nine days.

On May 25, I watched Tony Lazarro testify that he broke into the shed for Casey and they took the gas cans. The tape was not found anywhere else in the house.

The duct tape on the gas cans is similar to the tape on Caylee’s skull.

Jose stated that the body was found close to the road, even measured off the twenty feet in the courtroom. He asked how Casey could be dumb enough to dump Caylee’s body so close to the road, yet leave so little forensic evidence.

Well, there are animals in that wooded area and the experts feel they tore the plastic bags open…

My questions are:

Why the tape if Caylee drowned? How did Roy Kronk get Caylee’s body? Was it Casey who wanted to hide her pregnancy?

At the end, Jose Baez went through a litany of what the state doesn’t have: no blood on Casey’s clothes, no soil on her shoes matched the area, no fibers, no fingerprints on the duct tape, no DNA…

Maybe so, but here’s what they do have:

Casey Anthony is: the last person seen with Caylee, suspect for computer searches for chloroform, took the gas cans that had duct tape similar to that found on Caylee’s skull, had the car with Caylee’s hair, chloroform, body decomposition found in trunk, did not report Caylee missing for 31 days, during those 31 days Casey shopped, partied, went to nightclubs, did not look for Caylee or tell anyone that Caylee was missing, led police around in circles, lied about everything to everyone.

She also told investigators that she took Caylee to Zenaida Gonzales, the babysitter, and when she went to pick up Caylee they were gone. There was no babysitter, and the apartment where she took the police had been empty for more than four months.

I have been watching a lot of the trial and have learned this so far:

Casey Anthony was good to daughter Caylee; they had a loving relationship.

Casey had a lot of boyfriends, she and Casey slept in their beds. She lied to all of them.

Melissa England testified she was with Casey when she got a phone call. After she hung up, “She kinda threw the phone on the dashboard and said, Oh my god, I’m such a good liar.”

Tony Lazarro and Casey Anthony rented videos on June 16, 2008 the day Caylee died. June 17th they stayed in bed all day watching the videos.

The toughest part of the trial for me was the first witness, George Anthony.

The State called him right outta the box. George denied having anything to do with Caylee’s death or the duct tape on her mouth. He also denied molesting Casey.

This is hard but I have to say it. As a victim of sexual abuse I paid close attention to George Anthony’s testimony. In my opinion, he was telling the truth.

Whatever mistakes this man has made, there is no way I believe he is a child molester.

Something isn’t right. Casey has accused her father of sexual abuse but lived in his home. Had a baby girl and kept her in his home for 21/2 years. Worst of all—left her child in his care.

This case is so horrendous. What do you think?

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

 News from Home:
David is doing better. Has
gained back a little weight,
put some color in his face.

 June 10th will tell if he is
in remission.

David began to have a
setback on the afternoon
of this post, Fri. May 27th.

Still not doing too well.


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