Caylee’s Verdict Part I

Hi, my name is Caylee Marie Anthony. Do you like stories? I love stories … and I … do you wanna hear my story? It’s not about dolls and stuff, it’s about Magic.

You know how the magic man makes things disappear? Well, that’s what happened to me. One day I was there and the next I wasn’t. It came when…

I was almost three. Me and Mommy were living with Grandma and Grandpa. It was fun living at Grandma’s, only sometime Mommy would get mad. She and Grandma would fight about me, that made me sad.

Me and Mom used to go to Ricardo and Amy’s ‘partment a lot, we even spent the night sometime, only Grandma didn’t like it I could tell. One day we went to Grandma’s and Mommy put clothes in our backpacks, like we were going camping.

I thought we were going to the babysitter’s but we went someplace else, I can’t remember. Anyway it was getting dark and I wanted to go home. I was really tired and…

That’s when the magic happened. Now I’m looking down watching Mommy.

She’s driving around talking on the phone and going to the neighbor’s house to get a shovel. Mom is with her friends all the time now. She’s so pretty and I love her laughing.

Ooh, I can see Grandma and Grandpa now. Only they don’t laugh anymore. Grandma is calling mom a lot at Amy’s ‘partment. She wants to see Caylee.

I never did get to see Grandma and Grandpa again.

Grandma is sad; she wrote this on her MyPlace (Caylee’s word). I remember it’s the day when all the firecrackers go up in the sky.

Cindy’s MySpace message July 4th:

Subject: My Caylee is missing
Current mood: Distraught

“She came into my life unexpectedly, just as she has left me. This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love. Now she is gone and I don’t know why. All I am guilty of is loving her and providing her a safe home. Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankfull for all of the love and support given to her. A mother’s love is deep, however there are limits when one is betrayed by the one she loved and trusted the most. A daughter comes to her mother for support when she is pregnant, the mother says without hesitation it will be ok. And it was. But then the lies and betrayal began. First it seemed harmless, ah, love is blind. A mother will look for the good in her child and give them a chance to change.

This mother gave chance after chance for her daughter to change, but instead more lies more betrayal. What does the mother get for giving her daughter all of these chances? A broken heart. The daughter who stole money, lots of money, leaves without warning and does not let her mother now speak to the baby that her mother raised, fed, clothed, sheltered, paid her medical bills, etc. Instead tells her friends that her mother is controlling her life and she needs her space. No money, no future. Where did she go? Who is now watching out for the little angel?”

And then my Mom wrote this on her MyPlace.

July 7th “Diary of Days”

“On the worst of worst days, remember the words spoken
Trust no one, only yourself.
With great power, comes great consequence.
What is given can be taken away.
Everyone Lies.
Everyone Dies.”


Somebody found Mommy’s car in the parking lot of a check cashing place in Orlando and it got towed away. The towing place found Grandma and Grandpa, and they have to go and get it. Grandma is shaking and not having a good feeling.

When they get to the car it smells really awful and Grandpa tells the tow place man he thinks me and Mommy might be dead in there. Only it was just trash and clothes. And a weird stain in the trunk.

Grandma is scared, and when my Grandma gets scared something is gonna happen. She finds Mommy’s friend, Amy and tells her what’s going on. Now Amy is nervous and shows Grandma where Mommy is living with her boyfriend.

Tony thinks someone is trying to break his door down when Grandma is banging. She is yelling, “Where’s my daughter?” Where’s my granddaughter?” Mommy didn’t tell Tony ‘bout me and he’s nervous too.

She is so upset when Caylee is not there that Grandma goes to the police station, only it’s closed. So she takes mom home and calls 911.


It’s really bad. Grandma is crying for Caylee; her shaky voice says to come and take my mom to jail for stealing her money and her car. But the police don’t come, so Grandma calls 911 again.

Finally the police come and talk to Grandma and Mommy. She tells them that the babysitter took me and that she can’t find me. They don’t believe her. The police say she waited too long to tell.

Magic didn’t happen for my mom … she went to jail.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

Stay Tuned for Part II:

 How will Caylee react to
a surprise party bailing her
mom out of jail?

About Maxi

Hi … I'm Maxi, a retiree with an addiction. I have quit: raising kids, cleaning house, cooking, doing laundry—there is no end the list—everything is done on "have to." The addiction? Writing to my last breath. blessings ~ maxi
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