Famous Authors Give Unknown Writers Black Eye

Remember James Frey and “A Million Little Pieces?” Well, here we go again.

Another author has become famous, rubbed elbows with the high and mighty, and made millions by allegedly telling lies in a memoir called “Three Cups of Tea.”

His name is Greg Mortenson and he’s a biggie in the book world, the military world, even the White House.

The problems began in Greg’s private life when his sister died in 1992. In honor of Christa, he would climb K2 Mountain in Pakistan. During his recovery, the writer came across some kids scribbling in the dirt with sticks and promised to build them a school.

Here’s where things get sticky. Greg’s story is that the village people of Korphe, Pakistan saved his life in 1993 when he got lost coming down the mountain. His heart was so filled with gratitude that he returned and built them a school.

After that incident the do-gooder reveals that he was captured by the Taliban for eight days.

Only another famous author, Jon Krakauer, ratted Greg out, says it never happened. Jon swears that Greg was never lost on the mountain and those Taliban guys, they were his tour guides.

Jon was Greg’s friend and gave him financial support, along with many others. Including President Obama, who donated $100,000 of his Nobel Prize money to the Montana-based Institute, which supposedly built 140 schools.

No way says 60 Minutes. They checked out 30 schools and found that half were empty, or they were built by someone else, or got no support at all.

Most of these schools were for girls, I guess in honor of Greg’s sister.

General Petraeus was another who was taken in by the author. He made appearances with Greg, recommended his book to everyone, and opened schools with him.

Here is the author himself blaming his treachery on others: “I hope these allegations and attacks, the people doing these things, know this could be devastating for tens of thousands of girls … for the sake of Nielson ratings and Emmys.”

After 60 Minutes broke the story, the writer declared that his story was “a compressed version of events that took place in the fall of 1993.”

Something else, when 60 Minutes asked for a comment from people like Greg’s agent, they ran for cover.

Another thing, I was stunned to discover that in the “world of giving” it’s no secret there are questionable practices when it comes to Greg Mortenson.

Don’t know ‘bout you, but I have a big problem with Greg’s comment to his hometown newspaper, The Bozeman, Montana, Daily Chronicle…

Nowhere in that statement do I see a denial of the accusations.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

 Greg Mortenson Responds to 60 Minutes:

 The author gives his version of what
happened … I’m still not convinced.


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