The Sun is Driving People Insane

It happened in 1915. Russian scientist Alexander Chizhevzky discovered that a storm in the solar system could set off a rage within the human mind.

(NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured a powerful M3.6 Class solar flare on Feb. 24, 2011 during a 90-minute sun storm. Photo/NASA)

Chizhevzky discovered that storms in the solar system—connecting with the Earth’s magnetic field—caused abnormal human behavior.

During this period, people all over the world would have severe mood swings, lose their perspective, and change their behavior pattern. They were at each other’s throats, at home and country against country.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Not so fast.

It happened again in the 1930s. Professor Raymond Wheeler, University of Kansas, ran across the Russian’s findings. He knew there was more vital information here. And he was determined to find it.

image credit/NASA

First the professor created a “numerical weighted ranking system,” which allowed him to separate each war by length and power. Then he matched all the data he had gathered with the 11-year sunspot cycle:

He was stunned to find…

At the peak of an 11-year solar cycle, humans went nuts. People got antsy; there were uprisings, revolutions, countries at war. If the Earth’s magnetic field intensified, so did the human mind, only not in a good way.

People went insane … all over the world.

Bring on Solar Cycle 22:

Solar action soars during 1990 and Saddam Hussein invades the tiny country of Kuwait; the U.S. drives back the Iraqi army.

It was 11 years later when 9/11 happened, followed by the Iraq war and Afghanistan.

Will Cycle 24 be the worst?

So far in 2010-11 there has been fury and fire across the globe. Researchers swear the pattern is accurate. The greater the solar storm, the more unrest, conflict and war —individually and collectively.

NASA and other space agencies warn that Solar Cycle 24 is unpredictable and violent.

Also, researchers predict an increase in magnetic storms. Add to that the magnetic pole shift and changing core of the Earth, and we could have more catastrophes like Japan.

Let’s not forget 1963 when it happened again. Dr. Robert Becker and his buddy, Dr. Freedman, found out that extreme solar action causes humans to have psychotic episodes and mass insanity.

Dr. Becker was a pioneer in biological research, a leading expert. This man was no loon. He was an author, a professor at the University of New York and twice nominated for the Nobel Prize.

We are now in Cycle 24…

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


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