When Living With Wildlife Turns Deadly

There was a story a while back of a lonely man living with a huge crocodile. The two lived in harmony he swore, played in the tub, snuggled on the couch until…

Officers found him dead on the kitchen floor, part of his body missing. The croc had eaten him for breakfast.

It’s beyond me why some people think humans can bond with wild creatures like crocodiles, snakes, even sharks.

Hopefully a new series on Animal Planet will help these misguided people—and the animals that have to be destroyed because of their mistakes.

It’s a 13-part series called FATAL ATTRACTION that airs every Wednesday at 8pm.

The show will dig into the emotional and psychological reasons that cause people to cozy up to these wild, unpredictable creatures.

Combining drama, document and testimony each episode deals with a different group of animals. The focus will be on the compelling desire for a person to bring the animals into their home, how the relationship develops, and why the animal attacks.

These are some of the stories in the series:

The Deadliest Show on Earth
In 1974, at age 27, Wayne Franzen quit his job, pooled his life savings and bought a two-ton Asian elephant. With no prior experience, he taught himself how to train many deadly animals. Twenty years later Wayne lost his life before a live audience.

A Buffalo Rides Shotgun
Ronnie Donah paid the ultimate price for trusting his pet Whitetail buck by entering his enclosure during rutting season. In season, Bucks are testosterone fuelled and cranky, which left Bob Wiley fighting for his life with his new bull.

My Sister the Lioness
Tania Dumstrey-Soos was lured by a connection she felt with her collection of lions and tigers. That false comfort led to the death of the 32-year-old, as her son stood watching. Charles Peters was forced to kill pet lion Sheba so he could save his daughter.

A Crocodile in My Bed
Some people in Australia keep crocs as pets, even though they’re predators. Francis Mauriks keeps a couple o’ ten footers in a backyard shed; Vicky Lowing has three. One goes for rides in the car; one lives in the bathtub … hope the other isn’t in the kitchen.

Tiger Taken from Harlem
A 500-pound tiger had to be removed from a Harlem apartment after attacking owner Antoine Yates, in 2003. Viet Nam vet Karl Mitchell lives with a whole pride of tigers, and William Olsen’s tiger tale ends in tragedy.

Snakes in a Trailer
Anita Finch’s passion for nature led to a deadly encounter with venomous snakes. Yet Ed Cassano shares his home with nearly 40 snakes despite a near-death experience.

Don’t Feed the Bears
Donna Munson loved feeding bears around her home, only it came to a tragic end when she tried to break up a fight between bears. Sandra Piovesan’s body was found lying amid the wolf-dog hybrids that she loved; and Karen Noyes was arrested and banned from her home after feeding bears in her garden.

My Pet Python
Ted Dres’ 13-foot pet Python wrapped around his neck and squeezed him to death as his girlfriend watched. Phil Gallant clings to life after encounter with rhinoceros viper; and Jim Harrison meets a tragic end from milking one too many deadly adders.

Raging Bulls
Fatal Attractions presents shocking stories of those who tried to keep a massive, horned bull for a pet … at their own peril.

Ronald Huff lived with seven large Nile monitor lizards in a small studio apartment, while Alexandria Hall shared her home with more than 20 snakes and lizards. The creatures they loved killed them. People in photo are not Huff and Hall.

Chimpanzees, our closest animal relative, are six times stronger than man with the temperament of a five-year-old. Charla Nash was horribly disfigured by her friend’s pet chimp; while St. James Davis survived an attack.

Big Cats
Julie Burros was scalped by her pet black leopard for misjudging his mood. Cyndi Gamble lost her life when the door was left open to cage of her pet tiger.

I’m not gettin’ past a pet dog myself … and I lost her after 18 yrs.

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