No Trial for Casey Anthony?

Casey Anthony has been charged in the death of her two-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony.

Everyone who thinks there will be NO trial raise your hand.

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Clerk of court, Lydia Gardner seems to be gettin’ antsy because the cost is piling up. Senator Mike Fasano, chairman of the Senate’s budget subcommittee, told WESH2 News on Thursday that won’t happen.

The senator stated that her remarks weren’t accurate; if the state needed to cancel or suspend any trials they would be civil not criminal.

One reason we taxpayers are paying through the nose is ‘cause the defense hires experts at $5,000 a report. Like hydrologist Dr. James Jawitz, a soil and water expert.

He may be the star of the show by testifying the area where Caylee was found had been dry when her body was put there. Reporting the area was only underwater for 10 days in August.

The prosecution claims it was flooded, spreading out the evidence when the water receded.

Does it really matter?

There is something that does matter in this case. And that is the last minute surprise to undermine Dr. Garavaglia, chief medical examiner in a district of Orlando, Fl.

I love forensics, have watched Dr. G perform many autopsies on her show. She is a well-known expert in her field. No one who knows her would question her expertise or her integrity.

Also, there were three other experts assisting with Caylee Anthony’s autopsy.

Dr. G reported that the manner of death (how it happened) was homicide; the cause is undetermined. In other words, a man gets shot and later dies of peritonitis; it is still the gunshot that killed him.

A report by Dr. Garavaglia is absolute; she won’t make a release unless it is so.


This may be the blow that will convict Casey Anthony:

They flow from the lips of her mother, a former nurse…

“There’s something wrong. I found my daughter’s car today and it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car.”

And her stunned father, a former deputy…

“Oh, after we pulled inside that garage, she said, her exact words were, Jesus Christ, what died?

…I’m sitting there as a grandfather, a father, as George Anthony and as a guy who smelled the smell before years ago and you just never forget. I even set my nose down on it and I’m concerned.”

And this may bring down the gavel…

Casey’s cell phone pings places her in the exact area at the same time little Caylee went missing…

Everyone who thinks Casey Anthony is innocent raise your hand.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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