How to Fire Up Mozilla Firefox

I started using a computer in July of 2004. It came with Internet Explorer and I was good-to-go for a while.

Six months later I was listening to Kim Komando (her real name) explain how Firefox is a better, safer browser. I downloaded it that day and haven’t looked back.

Firefox is user-friendly and that’s what got me hooked.

Now don’t get excited. I realize that many of you prefer IE or Chrome or something else.

Buuut … if you do use Firefox, here are a few tips to put a little heat in its britches.

Remove Old Versions of Java Console

Java is the programming language used by web sites to remind you to install updates. Keeps bugging you with pop-ups. If you’re like me, you install the update but don’t remove the old console.

To my way of thinking, extra stuff on a computer slows down performance. This is an easy fix.

Click on Tools and select Add-ons. If you have Vista/Windows7 click on oldest Java Console, then click uninstall. Continue until you have only latest version.

If Java Consoles are greyed out, exit Firefox. Right click the Firefox icon on your desktop and choose Run as administrator. Go back to Add-ons and you will be able to uninstall Java Consoles.

Clear Download List

This is one just about everyone forgets. We just keep downloading all those little tidbits of information and files and photos. Next thing ya know…

The browser freezes for a second or downloads are getting soooo slow. Get this problem out of your hair in a hurry.

Go to Tools, select Downloads and click Clear List at bottom left.


Switch to Newly Opened Tab

You hold down the control key, click a new link and nothing happens. You’re like, what the heck is going on? I wanna new tab … NOW.

Here’s what to do. Go to Tools, select Options, Click on Tabs.

Go to last option in list: When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately.

Click OK.

When you’re done with everything restart Firefox.

Btw, there’s something that bugs me. Many users call the Firefox browser Mozilla. Yet, Mozilla puts out Thunderbird E-mail, and lots of other stuff. Firefox is the browser. So when someone says, “I use Mozilla,” I’m thinkin’ Mozilla what.

There she goes again bein’ picky.

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