Don’t Dare Drive Too Slow in Florida

Sharon rushed into choir practice one evening all flushed and jittery. She told us that someone had “given her the finger” while she was driving.

After a little conversing back and forth to find out what happened, I asked: “Were you driving in the left lane?”

“Well yes,” she came back, “I always stay in that lane when I’m driving to church.”

Enough said. Sharon had broken an unwritten rule of the road, if you’re going to do the speed limit stay in the right lane. Only some drivers don’t seem to know what the sign “slow traffic keep right” means.

Another unwritten rule: you can go five miles over the limit without fear of being stopped for speeding. Sooo, when a driver hangs in the left at the speed limit it clogs that lane and angers those behind.

Senator Bennett of Bradenton feels this is unacceptable, has introduced a bill to fine drivers for going too slow in the left lane.

“Statistics show when they do impede flow of traffic all of a sudden you have an increase in incidents of road rage,” he declared. “People start weaving in and out of traffic, and when you weave in and out of traffic and have accidents at 75 to 80 miles-per-hour, bad things seriously happen.”

Drivers supporting the bill think a $143 ticket might change some driving habits.

In Ron Pedigo’s opinion this kind of driving can cause accidents. “It is frustrating to go in the left lane to want to go 70 or maybe 75, which is not speeding terribly and people won’t move over.”

Still, others disagree. Like my choir friend who was “doing the speed limit,” they feel it’s a punishment for obeying the law.

Actually the left lane is supposed to be for passing, yet who obeys that law?

If this law passes it will go into effect on July 1. Sen. Bennett replied that this law is meant to encourage drivers to be more courteous.

I’m not a speeder by any stretch, but left lane “hangers” are my number one pet peeve when it comes to driving.

The problem is so bad that drivers have come together across the country—a website has been created solely for this purpose:

This is the result of an online poll:

Do you support fines for divers who go too slow in the left lane?

Yes 89%
No  11%

Which way would you vote?

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