Ladies, It Is Time to Butt Out

An online article about girls wrestling boys caught my eye the other day and I thought: What the heck?

It reminded me of the time years ago when word spread that a couple of coworkers were gonna get into it. The female was taller and weighed more, swore she was going to “kick Sam’s a–.”

Didn’t happen. It took only a few minutes for Sam (not his real name) to end the match.

The online item declared that Cassy Herkelman of Iowa won a match in the state tournament by default because Joel Northrup refused to wrestle a girl; it’s against his conscience and his faith.

You can read more on what Joel had to say at:

Megan Black is the only girl beside Cassy to make the tournament in its 85-year history.

Cassy does feel it “…it would be more fun and more exciting” if girls could wrestle other girls instead of boys.

There may be surprising support from other girls if Cassy used that enthusiasm to create a girl’s wrestling team. Get Megan to help.

Men are born with brawn, something us girls don’t have. Occasionally there is the exception to the rule, like Cassy and Megan.

Still, in wrestling just like boxing, as the boys get older they get stronger and girls can get seriously hurt.

Yet there seems to be an insatiable desire by females to invade every space of male territory. As if men should not have the right to their own life and space. In my humble opinion this isn’t right or fair.

Even in marriage, we are entitled to our own creations, hobbies and freedoms. It is crossing the line that gets us in trouble.

Doing something because you want to doesn’t make it okay.

The results of this online poll show most agree, at least about wrestling.

Should girls be allowed to compete against boys in wrestling?

2,644 Votes

9,808 Votes

I’m not sure
684 Votes

Total Votes: 13,136

How would you vote?

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