Life of Shuttle Discovery in Pictures

I live 15 miles from Kennedy Space Center in Central Florida and there is no getting used to the rumbling roar and glowing glare of a shuttle shooting up, up and away…

Discovery is a big deal in this part of the country. This ship has been around for a long time and folks have grown attached.

The space shuttle isn’t just a machine, it took on a personality after a time. Take a look:

Delivering Discovery to the launch pad on a huge
crawler transporter
takes nearly five hours

Exhaust clouds engulf launch pad at Kennedy Space Center
as Discovery lifts off for the first time in August 1984

Space shuttle Discovery blazes into night
sky as it soars off Launch Pad 39A

Discovery creates brilliant arc over Florida on August
28, 2009 – gives new meaning to … eat my dust

Photo/SSPL, Getty Images
Discovery’s robotic arm grasps Hubble Space Telescope during April 1990 mission that deployed observatory into Earth orbit

Photo/Kris Kehe
Besides carrying storage module for International Space Station, Discovery will deliver first humanoid robot in space—it’s called Robonaut2

Runway where shuttle Discovery touches down is
15,000 feet – with a 1,000ft. overrun at each end

Shuttle Discovery stands on Launch Pad 39a
at Kennedy Space Center in September

Discovery astronauts are ready to roar into space,
headed for the International Space Station

Discovery blasts off from Pad 39A at Kennedy
Space Center for its final mission into space.

The mighty spaceship will be missed.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


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