Bullet Blasts through Wall Killing Fl Girl

First some news from home: Today is our 35th Anniversary

David and I decided to have a cookout to celebrate yesterday. Nothing fancy for us, hamburgers and hot dogs would do.

We got lucky when the weather turned out to be perfect: blue sky, sunny, breezy, one of those great Florida Sundays.

It was a fun, stuffed, sizzling day … we were grateful to be there.


Saturday, around 6 o’clock, another family had a cookout about a mile from us in Canaveral Groves. Only it didn’t end so well.

The tragedy took place just off Canaveral Groves Blvd. on Lake Tahoe Dr.

At some point during burgers and beans Justin Adkins took friends inside, wanted to show off his .380 caliber. It isn’t clear how it happened but…

The gun went off; a bullet sent speeding through the wall into the kitchen.

Kasey Canada stood in its path; the bullet struck her in the back.

Later the hospital announced that she didn’t survive.

Kasey was 13.

Sheriff’s Officer, Mike DeMorat stated: “We tried to render aid to her as quick as we could. A lot of people were very upset. This is a very sad, very tragic event … just trying to help with the support and medical aid that we could.”

Paul Payne, a neighbor, voiced his opinion: “Somebody should’ve been a little bit more careful because there’s no such thing as an unloaded gun.”

“Terrible,” he added, “…family will take a long time to get over that.”

The police interviewed Justin Adkins after the accident, yet didn’t arrest him. Charges will be up to the State Attorney’s Office.


Pat Fraley doesn’t feel that his neighbor should be charged— living with the guilt is punishment enough.

The kindly neighbor feels certain. “I don’t think he should, it was an accident.

I’m sure he sees that little girl’s face. When he went to bed last night; I’m sure he couldn’t sleep for it. That’s just too much.”

Kasey went to school nearby at Clearlake Middle School. Today there will be grief counselors there to help the kids get through the heartache of losing their friend.

Young Kasey Canada didn’t live at the home where she was shot.

Tell me, what do you think about this? Do you feel there should be more gun control?

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

Chapter Five is up and ready:


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