iPad Struttin’ to Stardom

It’s like leaping from a wagon to a convertible; shifting gears to move into the future.

Least that what all the hoopla implies.

The Daily, world’s first iPad-only newspaper, was introduced by Jon Miller, left, CEO of Digital Media Group of News Corp. and Jesse Angelo, editor of The Daily, in New York Wednesday. (Mark Lennihan/Associated Press)

Exactly what is this re-make of the iPad anyway?  It’s sorta like a super sized Kindle with a built-in newspaper called “The Daily.”

You shift into first gear by pushing the subscribe tab, and voila—you get to read the paper every day for only 99 cents. Sure there will be tidbits shared on Twitter and Facebook, but only YOU have nearly 100 pages of the special stuff.

Second gear brings “360 degree photos, graphics that respond to the touch, and other innovations that are unthinkable in print and television,” touted a puffed up Rupert Murdoch at the launching on Wednesday, Feb.2.

And third gear? Has to be the snazzy look. Like changing photo paper from matte to glossy. Lovin’ the way it feels in your hands.

The Daily is a model of traditional newspapers: six sections, written once a day. iPad is aglow about its sports section, lands on user’s doorstep in the wee hours of the morn.

According to Peter Kafka, media watcher for All Things Digital, early birds were tweetin’ it’s like Harry Potter’s magical newspaper, the Daily Prophet.

Still, there’s no getting away from the before/after comparison. Naysayers complain The Daily is nothing more than a clone of other apps like: Hearst’s Popular Mechanic or Conde Nast’s Wired.

One big difference is those apps are monthly not daily … aaaand reused information from magazine to a different format.

The big guys, newspapers with well-known names, are trying to set up a system to charge users for full access to all the news on their sites. Users can subscribe through web browsers, smartphones and tablets.

Guess money coming in from advertising ain’t feedin’ the bulldog.

Lance Ulanoff, editor-in-chief, over at PCMag.com made this observation: “A lot of people have iPads, so they’ll be looking forward to it. They want to read The Daily.”

So, there you have it. The basics anyway.

What do you think of the new kid on the block? Or the comeback kid with a makeover?

Either way, let me know how you feel about the Apple iPad coming out with The Daily.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

——– I have news on another front — it’s personal.

My husband has had a persistent, dry cough for a weeks.

Our family doctor ordered a CT scan w/contrast of his chest; she called us in immediately to discuss the results.

The news isn’t good. There is a golfball-sized mass on his left lung close to an artery. It is cancer, and it is malignant.

Monday we go to a specialist. That’s all we know for now.

I will keep you posted.

Please, pray for us.

Thank you – Maxi



About Maxi

Hi … I'm Maxi, a retiree with an addiction. I have quit: raising kids, cleaning house, cooking, doing laundry—there is no end the list—everything is done on "have to." The addiction? Writing to my last breath. blessings ~ maxi
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