Baez Wars with Court in Anthony Trial

Before you read today’s post … I want to thank everyone for your concern and prayers over my surgery.

Everything went well, although longer than we expected. It took an hour to position me for the operation—my throat had to be moved—two hours for the surgery, and another hour in recovery.

I’m still very sore, hurts to swallow and I tire easily, buuut I’m putting up this article folks.

From where I’m sittin’ … it’s drop back two and punt for Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez. Here is what’s happening:

Jan.3: Casey Anthony’s attorneys are hauled before Judge Perry. Seems they refuse to meet deadlines and to play by the rules set up by the court.

Prosecutors spout that a lot of motions on evidence should have been filed before November 2010; feel the defense should be fined $500 each day.

“Deadlines mean deadlines folks,” the judge glares from the bench; and he just might agree with the prosecution if the defense doesn’t straighten up.

The court also talked about details of jury selection.

It has been decided that an out-of-town jury will decide the case, but the trial will still be held in Orange County.

As for the fine, the state has to turn in paperwork on the costs before the judge makes a decision.

Fine Pending.

Jan. 5: Baez files a motion claiming a blogger has pictures from the crime scene near Suburban Drive that turned up on a couple websites: “Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community Forum” and “Scared Monkeys Discussion Forum.”

The dark-haired, stocky attorney feels the photos are important to preparing his case.

The man with the gavel doesn’t think the images have any real value.

“I cannot give you a license to fish,” he frowns.

Judge Perry refuses to issue a subpoena for the defense to “round up” photographs taken by blogger Joe Jordan.

Motion denied.

Jan. 6: Uh oh … the man in the robe has fined the defense $583.73; they have 5 days to contest or cough up the dough.

Pay Sanctions.

Jan.7: Attorney Baez desperately wants to keep the names of people who might testify in the death penalty phase of the trial hidden from the public. Absolutely feels this will cause an unfair trial.

Seems like Judge Perry isn’t on the same page—said the defense’s motion did not meet a three-part test—whatever that is.

Motion denied.

Stay tuned…

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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