New Year Surprise for Maricopa, Arizona

Is it true? Bristol Palin is running away from home…

When people in Cobblestone Farms saw Todd Palin with the vice-mayor scopin’ out the neighborhood … they knew something was up.

Cobblestone Farms is near Phoenix; one of those new desert-like neighborhoods, with a park and a lake.

“He never indicated anything,” frowned Edward Farrell. “I got the feeling that maybe they were looking around for possibly a second home, maybe a winter home, something to get out of the winter months in Alaska. Just like the snowbirds do in the Midwest.”

Farrell’s eyes widened, “But never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that he was looking for somewhere for his daughter.”

Rumors started flyin’ right away. Why would Bristol Palin relocate to the lower 48? Why is she planning to study journalism at Arizona State University in Phoenix?

Anyway, doesn’t matter to the neighbors.

Ronny Kassees and his wife Monika live just five doors away. They bought their house five years ago and were “way underwater” with the mortgage, like others on their street.

“Their buying a house is a nice surprise,” they declare. “We’re kind of hoping it may turn around the economy of Maricopa and surrounding areas.”

Ronny is the local pharmacist and he says: “I was a little shocked at first, but if she’s going to bring the property value up that’s probably my best bet; if it will stimulate the economy in Maricopa than I’m all for it.”

And there’s a property investor up the street who is fixing up a house he hopes to flip. Richard Brock thinks Bristol living there will be good for the community.

“You may agree or disagree with her mother’s politics, but I think she held up pretty well on ‘Dancing with the Stars.” I really do. I think it was tough on her. My wife was watching and I said: ‘that girl’s handling her business pretty well.’

Natasha Mays is 36 with two kids, and lives across the street from Bristol’s new house. She had a clue something was going on when a TV crew camped on her front lawn.

“I’ve seen her a couple of times on episodes of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ but I know that she’ll like the neighborhood. It’s a really great neighborhood. Hopefully they’ll give her a little bit of peace and rest when she does move in,” Natasha sighs …if she does.”

Great resolution: give to others … a little bit of peace

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


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