Casey Anthony Murder Trial In May

Caylee Anthony was such a cute little girl with chubby cheeks and huge dark eyes—and she loooved to sing.

One day she went to the nursing home to visit her great-grandpa. It made him so happy when she would sing “You Are My Sunshine.” Only they didn’t know it would be the last time.

That was on June 15, 2008. We now call it “Caylee’s Song.”

The next day George Anthony saw his daughter and granddaughter leave the house around 12:30pm. It made him wonder about them wearing those backpacks.

Precious little Caylee would never see her grandpa again.

The whole world knows about Caylee’s disappearance and Cindy Anthony finding the car, talking about the smell of death, changing it to pizza, etc.

It was Dec. 11th when the utility worker found a little skeleton in a plastic bag not far from the Anthony home.

Orlando medical examiner, Dr. Garavaglia said the FBI lab in Quantico used nuclear DNA samples that matched Caylee.

Dr. G reported: “The cause of death will be listed as homicide by undetermined means.”

Now we have new documents that supposedly prove ex-boyfriend, Jesse Grund, was not Caylee’s dad.

There is also some talk from Grandpa George’s girlfriend (?), Krystal Holloway.  First of all, she says that they met on the search for Caylee with Kid Finders.

“I don’t even know how it got started … it just grew,” she sighed. “I cared for him a great deal, I felt bad.”

This is what George told her about Caylee: “He said it was an accident that went wrong, and it just snowballed.”

Those new documents report that Casey sent letters to a former inmate. In one she wrote: I was a great Mom! And I love my daughter with everything that I have. I would give my life to have her back even for 5 minutes.”

Only Caylee will never be back…

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


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